Episode 10: Wandering Rocks, ~pp 216-251

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Episode References from Stuart Gilbert’s James Joyce’s Ulysses

  • Title: Wandering Rocks
  • Scene: The Streets
  • Time: 3 p.m.
  • Organ: Blood
  • Art: Mechanics
  • Colour: (none)
  • Symbol: Citizens
  • Technic: Labryinth

One favorite among many quotes

—Where did you try? Boody asked.
Boody stamped her foot and threw her satchel on the table.
—Bad cess to her big face! she cried.

The Dedalus girls talk business

What’s Important?

The attached WordCloud created courtesy of WordCloud.com shows the incidence of important words appearing in the post about this episode. Frequency may signify importance.

copyright @ don ward, 2020

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