Episode 10: Wandering Rocks, ~pp 216-251

Important Themes of Episode 10

  • The Cavalcade of the Community: The world is transitioning from Vico’s Age of Heroes to the Age of Men. Earl Dudley clings to the bygone era, thinking the onlookers accept that he matters more than they. Only Kernan, whose self-image leans on his Anglo-Irish identity, honors His Lordship. This homage is as pretentious as the tea peddler’s second-hand waistcoat. Every democratic “voice in the street” has its perspective on the procession and its self-interest. In this episode, each section unfolds in the voice and from one such unique view. The motivations behind these perspectives might be as follows: 
  1.  Conmee (spiritualistic/materialistic) 
  2.  Kelleher (moribund): Disposing of organic materials, human bodies, and tobacco juice
  3. The one-legged sailor (penurious)
  4. Katey and Boody (hopeless)
  5. Boylan (lecherous)
  6. Artifoni (pedagogical)
  7. Miss Dunne (romantic): Gilbert repeats the suggestion that Miss Dunn may be Martha Clifford. 
  8. Lambert (treacherous)
  9. M’Coy/Lenehan (opportunistic): These characters trade in the income of women. In Dubliners, Lenehan conspires with a pimp. M’Coy lives from his wife’s singing. They pinch luggage, cigarettes, drinks, etc. from acquaintances.
  10. Bloom (perverse) [The books that interest Bloom: The Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk; Aristotle’s Masterpiece; Leopold von Sacher Masoch (masochism); Fair Tyrants “Lovebirch;” Sweets of Sin.
  11. Dilly (escapist) 
  12. Kernan (narcissistic) 
  13. Stephen (perceptive)
  14. Cowley (querulant)
  15. Mulligan (avaricious)
  16. Farrell (delusional)
  17. Young Dignam (infantile)
  18. Earl of Dudley (autocratic): no spectator seems to know Dudley’s correct title, not Gerty MacDowell, Kernan, Fanning, Reverend Love. Denis Breen salutes the wrong luminary. (Gilbert)

Note that the eighteen sections correspond to the eighteen episodes of the novel, both sections and episodes represent one hour of elapsed time. Time compressed under the influence of the “Wandering Rocks.”

  • Christ and Caesar in Dear Dirty Dublin: Budgen points out that the bookends of the episode, Fr. Conmee and the Eart of Dudley, trace opposing paths crossing Dublin. These two represent institutions rejected by Dedalus. Budgen further states that Dublin city is the leading character of this episode. 
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