(U) Episode 13: “Nausicaa,” ~pp. 340-376.

Important Themes of Episode 13

  • Contrasting Dreams: This episode’s power couple, Bloom-erty, labors under powerful but different delusions. Gerty cultivates the dream of a fairy tale future. Her mirror praised her pristine beauty, and she has named her Prince Charming, although his identity changes from time to time (Wylie Father Reggie Conroy-Bloom, S.J., L.L.D.). Her opposite bookend in the romance, Bloom, engages “Beauty and the Beast” as his ideal romance, rough and roguish. Neither Bloom nor Gerty is a fitting protagonist for their daydream inventions.
  • Gerty’s Annunciation: In Catholic theology, Mary, mother of Jesus, is visited by an archangel announcing she is chosen to be the vessel of the man’s salvation. Rennaisance depictions typically show the Holy Spirit, represented by a dove, a symbol of divine grace and miraculous incarnation. Gerty may be an unwilling virgin, but no Virgin Birth looms ahead. She allows Bloom intimacy from a distance, its tawdry consummation signified by a bat –graceless, erratic, nocturnal and carnivorous. Here’s one favorite rendering of the Annunciation.


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