(U) Ulysses “Hades,”Episode 6~pp 86-114.



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Episode References from Stuart Gilbert’s James Joyce’s Ulysses

  • Title: Hades
  • Scene: The Graveyard
  • Hour: 11 a.m.
  • Organ: Heart
  • Art: Religion
  • Colour: White, Black
  • Symbol: Caretaker
  • Technic: Incubism

Favorite Quotes among Many

  • “Get up! Last day! Then every fellow mousing around for his liver and his lights and the rest of his traps. Find damn all of himself that morning. Pennyweight of powder in a skull. Twelve grammes one pennyweight. Troy measure.”(Bloom or the narrator about The Last Day)
  • “Her tomboy oaths. O jumping Jupiter! Ye gods and little fishes!”(Bloom mythologizes Milly. Zeus and Poseidon) 
  • “Worst man in Dublin. That keeps him alive.” (Bloom on Boylan tipping his hat and airing his quiff)


  • “As decent a little man as ever wore a hat,…” 
    (Simon Dedalus regarding lid-wearer Paddy Dignam)
  • Odysseus, master mariner and soldier, 
 luck shadowed me, and no kindly power;

ignoble death I drank with so much wine

I slept on Kirkê's roof, then could not see

the long backward ladder, coming down,

and fell that height. My neck bone, buckled under,

snapper, and my spirit found this well of dark.
(Elpênor, correspondent to Paddy Dignam in Ulysses,
describes his death and the suffering resulting from
death without proper burial)

Homer’s Odyssey, trans. Robert Fitzgerald (ll.8-14)


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