Episode 5, The Lotus Eaters, ~pp 70-85

“Under Poldy’s Hat” copyright @ don ward 2020

Episode References from Stuart Gilbert’s James Joyce’s Ulysses.

  • Title: The Lotus Eaters
  • Scene: The Bath
  • Hour: 10 a.m.
  • Organ: Genitals
  • Art: Botany, Chemistry
  • Colour: (None)
  • Symbol: Eucharist
  • Technic: Narcissism

“Curse your noisy pugnose.”

Bloom mentally abuses the “honking” tram driver blocking his view

What’s Important?

The attached WordCloud created courtesy of WordCloud.com shows the incidence of important words appearing in the post about this episode usually three or more times. Frequency may signify importance.

copyright @ don ward, 2020

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