(U) Episode 1: “Telemachus” ~pp 1-24.

“Mulligan and the Milk Maid” copyright @ don ward, 2020

Episode References from Stuart Gilbert’s James Joyce’s Ulysses.

  • Title: Telemachus
  • Scene: The Tower
  • Hour: 8 a.m.
  • Organ: (none)
  • Art: Theology
  • Colour: White, gold
  • Symbol: Heir
  • Technic: Narrative (young)

“Horn of a bull, hoof of a horse, smile of a Saxon.”


Stephen’s dangers to the Irish.

What’s Important?

The attached WordCloud created courtesy of WordCloud.com shows the incidence of important words appearing in the post about Episode 1 four or more times. Frequency may signify importance.

Copyright @ don ward, 2020

3 thoughts on “(U) Episode 1: “Telemachus” ~pp 1-24.

  1. How will you celebrate Bloomsday? A pork kidney? Instant chocolate with a loved one? A 4:30 pm interlude? Listen to Don Giovanni? Walk the streets wearing a sandwich board? Please share your plan. I’ll collect and publish them. ~Don

  2. I just read that when James Joyce died, a copy of Gogarty/Mulligan’s book of poems I Follow Saint Patrick was on his desk. I suspect, had he more time, Joyce would have left a note blaming the book for his demise. ~Don

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