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Tom O’Carroll, a Friend to the JJRC, Sends Musical Joycean Cheer for Saint Patrick’s Day.

Tom’s entertainment begins with his treatment of “Finnegan’s Wake.” Sing along. There’s no one listening.



The Art of Bloomsday at the Olivier Cornet Gallery of Dublin

If you find yourself with an irresistible yearning for the ineluctable modality of the visual, take a digital stroll down Dear Dirty’s Great Denmark Street. This gallery has celebrated Bloomsday festivals with art from a range of styles and media. No doubt, you’ll find something that will entertain and engage.

The Olivier Cornet Gallery’s Bloomsday Exhibitions


Ulysses(U) on YouTube (U Tube?)

Bloomsday in Melbourne has produced a series of vignettes using some of the best of the language in our favorite novel. Alternately referred to as Bloomsday in Plaguetime 2020 or ZOOMsday in Melbourne, it’s a lovely appetizer of words for those under the starvation of lockdown. It’s a great way to entice the first-time reader, but like the novel, it’s suitability for minors is cautioned.


Blogs & Podcasts

Blooms & Barnacles is a blog, podcast, and illustration project celebrating the love of James Joyce’s Ulysses. Hosted by Kelly Bryan (blogger) and Dermot O Connor (illustrator), Blooms & Barnacles takes a non-academic approach, mixing banter and pop culture with historical, cultural, and literary analysis related to Ulysses and most anything Joyce-adjacent, including chats with other amateur Joyce enthusiasts. Hopefully, through Blooms & Barnacles, Ulysses and the work of Joyce can become more accessible to anyone who wants to read it. 

The website is:


Other Sources

Those reading the “about Dubliners” essays on the JJRC may find a line by line analysis of stories in the collection to be of interest.
Dubliners Reading Group Zoom bi-weekly Donations are expected.
Contact: Mike Graves 1 (718) 612-4843 (there may not be a greeting on the voice mail)




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