Bloomsday Celebrations ’21 around the Globe

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Neste ano, o Bloomsday de Florianópolis acontecerá nas páginas de um jornal, “O Dia de Hoje” que circulará online em 16 de junho, porém, o ano será o de 1904, data em que transcorre o enredo de “Ulisses” romance de Joyce
cujo protagonista, Leopoldo Bloom, leva e traz mensagens, por meio de núncios que recolhe entre os habitantes de Dublin para serem publicados, a
seguir, nos jornais locais.
A fim de criar o referido jornal, convidamos os interessados a enviar, até o dia 15 de maio, anúncios (sobre nascimentos, batizados, formaturas, casamentos, velórios etc.), escritos em inglês ou português, para o seguinte
Cada anúncio deverá ter cerca de cinco linhas, e poderá vir acompanhado ou não de uma imagem.
Além dos anúncios, o jornal também trará notícias verídicas sobre a Irlanda e o Brasil, tendo como referência o mês de junho de 1904. Quem
desejar colaborar com notícias, poderá enviá-las junto com o(s) anúncio(s).
Os organizadores
Clélia Mello,
Dirce Waltrick do Amarante e
Sérgio Medeiros
Florianopópolis ’21 Bloomsday (Brazil)
This year Florianópolis’ Bloomsday will come alive in the pages of a newspaper titled “Today”, which will circulate online on June 16th. The year, however, will be 1904, the date will be the day when the plot of Ulysses takes place. The protagonist of the novel, Leopold Bloom, corresponds with the inhabitants of Dublin through advertisements that he collects and arranges to publish in the local newspaper.
In order to create this journal, we invite those interested to participate in this celebration by sending announcements (about births, baptisms, graduations, weddings, funerals, etc.) they create for the publication. Announcements may be written in English or Portuguese and can be submitted until May 15th. Please send these by email to
Each announcement should have about five lines and can be sent with or without an image.
In addition to the announcements, the newspaper will also bring actual news about Ireland and Brazil from June 1904. Anyone who wishes to collaborate with news articles can send these alone or with an announcement(s).
The organizers
Clélia Mello,
Dirce Waltrick do Amarante e
Sergio Medeiros

Roger Cummisky’s Bloomsday Celebration: A Graphic Moment from the Tower in Amber

“The James Joyce Tower interior, Sandycove, Co Dublin by Roger Cummiskey”

Roger invites you to his celebration:

“Join us for Bloomsday 2021 in Kilfenora, Co Clare. We will read episode 11, Sirens set in the Ormond Hotel between 11 h and 12:30 h.”

Celebrating Like an Omniscientific Triestine

Des Gunning will spend Bloomsday ’21 at the annual Omniscientific Joyce event:

Between 14 and 18 June 2021, the city of Trieste and the Trieste Joyce School – Università degli studi di Trieste will play host to the 27th International James Joyce Symposium. Trieste, the city that Joyce dubbed ‘la mia seconda patria’, was his home for over a decade.

[NOTE: 30 May 2021. I have no direct communication from The Trieste School, but there appears to have been a major change to the plans for OmniScientific Joyce. The link I have available is limited to Online Registration. You may find additional information at…/1FAIpQLSdBA6e30CSjGM…/viewform         ]


Alessandra Estreet Di Sante’s Personal, Private, and Catechetical Celebrations

(in the style of the Ithaca episode)

How will I celebrate Bloomsday?

Thinking back to when they celebrated in their home with friends. While children played nearby, indifferent to the celebration, we drank Guinness. Remembering the many readings of Joycian pieces. Remembering friends singing an old sad song. Remembering with enthusiasm and regret their Bloomsday in Dublin with gorgonzola and burgundy and Sandycove and Sandymount where they met a man, a woman, and a dog.

A loveletter from Molly Bloom of the Triestine Grand Canal ~ Don Ward, Belmont, North Carolina, USA

Between now and Bloomsday, I’ll share a few lines daily from Fulvio Rogantin’s El Monalogo de Molly. During that time I’ll be attempting to read the masters’ prose in Triestine, the city where the novel Ulysses was born. I won’t subject readers to my translations since I know no Triestine dialect today and my Italian is limited to the New Jersey dialect which includes only a vocabulary of food and a fluency of insults.

This will become my submission to “Bloomsday ’21 Celebrations around the Globe,” timed to conclude on June 16th with Molly’s finale- “Si.”

Ceren Kuşdemir Özbilek

I will be attending the annual Joyce conference online (not as a presenter) and in the evening we are planning a Zoom get together with Turkish Joyceans. We are going to read our favorite Joyce lines and talk about what drove us to read Joyce etc. I am really excited! Happy Bloomsday in advance! Love from Turkey.
A favorite quote for today:”I will tell you what I will do and what I will not do. I will not serve that in which I no longer believe, whether it calls itself my home, my fatherland, or my church: and I will try to express myself in some mode of life or art as freely as I can and as wholly as I can, using for my defense the only arms I allow myself to use — silence, exile, and cunning.”
and from Ulysses
“Every life is in many days, day after day. We walk through ourselves, meeting robbers, ghosts, giants, old men, young men, wives, widows, brothers-in-love, but always meeting ourselves.”

Fulvio Rogantin and Elisa Susmel of Trieste and known on the streets of Dublin…


will celebrate this Bloomsday by kicking off his study of Joyce’s own European Odyssey.

“On Bloomsday, we officially start our project, citiesofjoyce, an inventory of places related to James Joyce. I am also preparing a James Joyce Bloomsday calendar that will be sold online.” Visit     for additional details.


Frank Folan who resides in the very center of the universe in The Burren, County Clare, Ireland will celebrate in Bronze by Gold style 

…by ‘Going to Kilfenora for the Sirens reading.”

And recalls another of his poems honoring the ghost of 7 Eccles Street


The red door of No.16
North Frederick Street
slams behind him as he
enters into this newly minted
sunshine so thick
one feels like a fish
swimming through it.
Sunlight spangles
a tiny puddle
turning it into a jewel
that only the eye can cherish.
Ahhhh “…the ineluctable
modality of the visible.”
He turns right into Upper
Dorset Street
pulling an “Ahhh…howya!”
out of the man who makes the false
Then turning left into
Eccles Street
giving the nod to No. 7
Bloom’s house in ULYSSES.
Here in its run down state
though still shining in his fictionality.
Soon they will knock it
down and what will the tourists
do then
poor things.
Sure some bright spark
will rescue it from its rubble
and the door will live again
some streets away again.
Ahhh….” the ineluctable
modality of the visible.”
I go to Quinn’s gym
to get my Molly
( Philomena her name is)
a cottage cheese with pineapple
on a Weetabix base.
It is a 16th of June
somewhere in the 80’s
as I retrace my own earlier
Joycean footsteps.
Rat-a-tat-tat on Bloom’s door.
“Are ya there Leopold?”
But the bold Leopold
doesn’t answer.
The 16th of
forever I am
“…walking through it
The sun smirks
as such Joyceisms.
“I am, a stride of a time.
A very short space of time
through very short times of space.”
A horse and cart as if
from the past
saunters by
Ah “…the ineluctable
modality of the audible.”
My Molly who is really
a Philomena
spoons the deliciousness
of the creamy dessert
into her
and yes she says


Dónall of the Dempseys


If we are the Global Community of Joyceana, and you prove every day that we are, nothing could be better than…

Lucilla Micacchi’s Bloomsday Celebration— an Italian—in Madrid—celebrating at the Irish Embassy

Your Bloomsday Festa

Only 16 days remaining. It would be sad not to celebrate.

Join us in announcing your plans for celebrating Bloomsday ’21. The plan of other luminaries can be viewed at the link below. Message your plans to us on Facebook or post a comment at

Your plan may be to join or host a grand celebration, to dine on the inner organs of beasts and fowl, to read aloud alone or in company, or to contemplate the ninety-nine Bloomsdays that preceded this one

Victor Herzberg will celebrate the Bloomsday “Day of Peace” on Zoom

YouTube can be linked to here.

Elisa Susmel will celebrate in true Triestine tradition with the Online Omniscientific Joyce, the 27th International James Joyce Symposium.

Below of photo from a past proceeding.


Ilaria Susmel Will Float Her Bloomsday ’21

I am spending the day in Venice and taking part in an event to launch Catherine Flynn’s Ulysses Centenary podcast
I am then reading Lotus Eaters with Sweny’s Pharmacy

Aquinaldo Severino of Sao Paulo, Brazil Invites You to “Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting”

[He is well stocked for Bloomsday fun.]

Happy Bloomsday, to you and all Bloomsday Santa Maria 2021 UCT 5pm / Brazil 2pm via Zoom ID da reunião: 913 847 6647 Senha de acesso: g5CPSx



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