Festival Bloomsday Montréal, Academic Panel Number 1

On the morning of June 14th in anticipation of the Celebration of Festival Bloomsday Montréal, Academic Panel Number 1 dissembled in the style of Wandering Rocks. The speakers, neither crossed paths nor colocated and never had the opportunity to share exchanges. Some of that can be blamed on the specter of Covid. 

This year’s management of the technology showed a great improvement over last year’s first-ever online program. Testing the link with Rome before the presentations might have allowed for technical tuning that would have improved the sound quality of this year’s presentation.

The sessions began with two administrative introductions, followed by three speakers each followed by questions, interjections, and moderator commentary.

The academic speakers were three: John McCourt, Casey Lawrence, and Mary Lawton.

What follows are not intended to be minutes of the presentations, rather impressions. I might be forgiven if I overlook ideas of particular importance to the presenters. Transcripts are not available from BloomsdayMontréal. If my notes are inadequate and I err in my reporting, I apologize in advance. I am not so proud that I am prevented from begging for transcripts for future Bloomsdays. Please? I trust that my inept reporting of what transpired will not end all future Bloomsday celebrations.

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