(U) Episode 6 Hades: An “Original” Sonnet, “Will You Reduce Paddy to a Lump of Clay? (With help from WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE)”

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Will Browne reduce him to a lump of clay?

As humours shift, calm to intemperate;

St. Vitus shook his extremities Gray,

His lease is up. They’re here to mark his fate;

One time! Too flat the arch of vital signs,

Macintosh has goodman Dignam limed;

Inactive Paddy willingly reclines,

He’ll miss the three-sheet morning sails untrimmed;

Had he but spared the Bass for Gatorade,

The honored guest would not be at his low’st;

Widow flush with coin; parched clerk just parades,

A party brews. Unfair! He’s but a ghost:

Men will toast “As good a man as wore a hat.”

And he not here to blow the foam off that.

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