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Here’s a list of most new posts during the month of November on the JJRC

Happy Thanksgiving! “The Turkey” Courtesy of Flannery O’Connor
Does Wilder’s “Skin of Our Teeth ” Plagiarize Finnegans Wake?
A Bone or Two to Gnaw on Flannery Friday
(D) about “Grace”: A Comparison of the Workings of Grace in James Joyce and Flannery
about Angela Alaimo O’Donnell’s “Talking Back to Dante”: a Set of Verses Inspired by the Divine Comedy
Jacques Maritain: Flannery’s Go-To Thomist
A “Millgrimage” to Milledgeville” : Honoring Edward O’Connor on Veteran’s Day
Like The Conservation of Energy, Enmity Can neither Be Created nor Destroyed
James Joyce’s Modernism: The Rise of Uncertainty in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

December Posts Will Include:

The Rise of Modernism: The Gnomon of Joyce’s Dubliners (December 1)
(U) Telemachus, Episode 1- A Content Refresh
(D) about A Painful Case- A Rewrite (I’m not happy with the current essay)
One or More Essays about The Divine Comedy
Two Book Reviews
I’m Open to Suggestions

A review of which website files were most interesting to you revealed…


JJRC Homepage                                      23%(Previous).          9.2% (Nov)

Ulysses Episodes.                                    21%.                           44.1%

Giacomo Joyce.                                         7%.                               7.0%

Dubliners                                                     7%.                                1.0%

Where Has Your Ulysses Been?            3%.                                2.5%

Reviews                                                       8%.                                  .1%

The Flannery O’Corner                         23%.                              22.3%

Related Websites.                                    0%.                                 1.8%

Bloomsday around the Globe.              3%.                                   .3%

Joyce’s Modernism.                                 –                                    11.7%



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