What Are You Reading at the JJRC?

A review of which website files were most interesting to you revealed…

JUL.         AUG

JJRC Homepage                               31%.        23%

Ulysses Episodes.                             23%.        21%

Giacomo Joyce.                                   4%.          7%.

Dubliners                                              13%.         7%

Where Has Your Ulysses Been?       8%.         3%

Reviews                                                12%.         8%

The Flannery O’Corner                       3%.       23%

Related Websites.                                1%.          0%

Bloomsday around the Globe.         <1%.         3%

I’ll use this information in preparing new content. I’ll immediately stop promoting Giacomo Joyce and plan future expansions of content on the Ulysses episodes, for example. Thanks for your input direct and indirect, positive or remedial. ~Don



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