What You Were Reading on the JJRC in September


There was less new material on the site to read last month. I’ll do better this month. Interest in Giacomo Joyce resumed as haikus were added to the files for a Daily Haiku group on Facebook. Materials about Flannery O’Connor continue to interest some readers. This month excerpts from her letters will be discontinued in favor of more original materials about her writing. A Year of Dubliners will conclude in October. The final essay will be “about “Ivy Day in the Committee Room.” “About ‘Grace'” is complete but is being withheld from posting while circulated for publication. Please let me know if there is a topic you like addressed on the JJRC. Thanks for your interest to many your friendship. You know who you are. ~Don

Access by Topic

Ulysses 30%

The Flannery O’Corner 25%

Home Page, etc. 22%

Giacomo Joyce 15%

Dubliners 7%

Reviews of Books, etc 1%

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