What Did You Read at the James Joyce Reading Circle (JJRC) during 2021?

Here are the broad topics you accessed by number and annualized percentages…


Bloomsday around the Globe 326 5%
Dubliners 581 9%
Giacomo Joyce 638 10%
JJRC 1347 21%
Joyce’s Modernism 468 7%
Reviews of Books, Articles, etc. 167 3%
Related Websites 102 2%
The Flannery O’Corner 734 12%
Ulysses 1641 26%
Where Has Your Copy of Ulysses Been? 245 4%

In 2022, commentary on Dante’s Divine Comedy will be added, as will at least one additional essay on the connections among Joyce, Einstein, and Picasso, expansion to notes on the episodes of Ulysses will be posted monthly, essays on the influences on Flannery O’Connor’s writing, reports on the events surrounding the Ulysses Centenary and Bloomsday ’22, etc. We are always open to suggested topics from readers too.

During January 2022, new items posted will include:

A reprise of “about ‘The Dead'”

The Rise of Modernism in James Joyce: Gravity, Magnetism, and Desire [Scheduled 3 Jan ’22]

Expanded notes for “Nestor”

The Influence of Caroline Gordon on the work of Flannery O’Connor

Perhaps thoughts on the first cantos of Dante’s Inferno will also be posted.

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