(JJ) What Did You Read at the James Joyce Reading Circle (JJRC) during August 2022? What Might You Read in September?

Here are the broad topics you accessed by number and percentages of the monthly total….

Dubliners 131 12.6%
Giacomo Joyce 30 2.9%
Finnegans Wake 23 2.2%
News 72 6.9%
Bloomsday 5 0.5%
FO’C 89 8.6%
Ulysses 377 36.3%
JJRC 130 12.5%
Bloom and Virgil 77 7.4%
Reviews 6 0.6%
Joyce’s Modernism 98 9.4%
Websites  We Like 0 0.0%
Where Has Your Ulysses  Been? 0 0.0%
During SEP 2022, new items posted will include:

Expanded notes for “Sirens” to be released on the First Tuesday of the Month

Giacomo Joyce Commentary one Canto Each Week

Notes from discussion of Finnegans Wake pp 75 and 76

Flannery O’Connor’s Need for an Ecclaistical Press Agent. TBD

Farewell to Bloom and Virgil: The Guides Depart. TBD

The Anniversary of about “Grace,” September 29, Anniversary of the Men’s Retreat at Saint Francis R. C. Church

News Releases by Readers, On Receipt.





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