What Did You Read at the James Joyce Reading Circle (JJRC) during Apr 2022? What Might You Read in MAY?

Here are the broad topics you accessed by number and annualized percentages….

Dubliners 29 3%
Giacomo Joyce 2 3%
Finnegans Wake 30 3%
Bloomsday 355 32%
FO’C 37 3%
Ulysses 255 23%
JJRC 190 17%
Bloom and Virgil 25 2%
Reviews 114 10%
Joyce’s Modernism 119 11%
Websites  We Like 1 0%
Where Has Your Ulysses  Been? 6 1%


Notable Items

Nearly one-third of all website hits last month accessed Bloomsday Memoirs.

During May 2022, new items posted will include:

Expanded notes for “Aeolus” May 3

The Dubliners Anniversary of Araby MAY 18

Bloomsday Memoirs on Thursdays (Paul Ringo’s Seattle Bloomsdays, Dr, Aquinaldo Saviero’s Inaugural Brazilian Bloomsday, and more.

“about ‘Giacomo Joyce,’ Cantos xxxv”  ~ MAY 24

Reprise of the series on Joyce’s Modernism including essay reviews.


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