(BL) Dr. Talia Abu’s Blooming at the Irish Embassy in Tel Aviv

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You may remember Talia’s name from our posts about recording Finnegans Wake at WaywordsandMeansigns where she facilitates postings for techni-dolts like me. I can think of only one place better to celebrate Bloomsday than The Irish Embassy nearest to Agendath Netaim’s paradise. “L’ chaim!” cheers Poldy. 

The Irish Embassy in Tel Aviv

“Yes! in 2019 I was invited to a Bloomsday special at the Irish Embassy. The invitation came after a performance by Lisa Dwan, in Tel Aviv University, where I met the Deputy Head of Mission. The event was so much fun. There was wine and whiskey and food and everybody were so kind and hospitable and interesting. It was one of the best nights of my life.”

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