(BL) Lucilla Micacchi’s Bloomsday Wish: “This Year in Dublin!”

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[You might have noted that two of the Bloomsday Memories have reported about events at Irish embassies, one in Tel Aviv and another in Athens. This trend of attending official International events emerged here in 2021when Lucilla Micacchi followed up her contribution to your “Where Has Your Copy of Ulysses Been?” display              


with a report from the Ateneo Cientifico Literario y Artistico festivities in Madrid.

I will add without any suggestion from Lucilla, that she has recently published a book titled Women in the Shadow of Genius: The Stories of Zelda Fitzgerald and Lucia Joyce. Of her analysis Magazine Italia says that the women suffered three failures: familial by husband and father respectively; societal, leaving them without options given the role of women in their time, and scientific from the still fledgling discipline of psychoanalysis’ inability to aid them. I am greatly interested in not only Joyce but also F. Scott Fitzgerald, so I anticipate an English translation of the book. I might even dare to read it with my halting understanding of Italian. Since I also have a book about Picasso in the French to read, you might not hear from me again until Fall. Good news there. ~Don Ward]






Photos from last year’s Bloomsday in the Ateneo Palace in Madrid, with attendance including the Irish Ambassador. 

Joyce's music had been played earlier and excerpts from Ulysses 
were read. All in all a great night!

I'm planning to go to Dublin this year. I miss my Bloomsdays in
Ireland, there have been so many before COVID 19. But nothing is
set yet. If I stay in Madrid I will definitely celebrate the 
great day again at the Ateneo.- Lucilla Micacchi

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