(N) The Real Finnegan Named!: Announcing Bernadette Lowry’s Sounds of Manymirth

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Bernadette Lowry’s Sounds of Manymirth focuses on the identity of the singular Finnegan among the cosmic Finnegans. Ms. Lowry finds incontrovertible evidence that Percy French (1854-1920) is Finnegan (HCE). French was famous and a celebrity in JJ’s youth and only left Dublin in 1900 when Joyce was 18. He was also a recognised literary figure. French died suddenly in Liverpool of heart failure in Jan 1920 and Lowry found for the first time a reference to that on page 74 of Finnegans Wake as a reference to the demise of giant Finn. Joyce celebrated it with two of Moore’s melodies and French parodied loads of them mainly in The Jarvey a comic weekly paper French edited at the high point in Parnell’s reign and leading into the split in the Irish Parliamentary Party. Beyond that, just after printing Lowry unscrambled Bussoftlhee in the last three lines of FW as Buss of Ethel. Ethel was French’s tragic first wife who died aged 20 and she contributed two weekly gossip columns to The Jarvey and beautiful drawings. Ms. Lowry also found reams of The Jarvey in FW and reams of French’s lesser known works heretofore undetected. So French has to be the singular Finnegan. 


You can find a review of Sounds of Manymirth at IrishCentral.com 

https://www.irishcentral.com/opinion/finnegans-wake-who-finnegan-was-based-on?fbclid=IwAR27wE5KkC_rpzLjoQgNJhrKyxe0Dl4G-E_js5rfQRDexvmfoYPuK0-RH5Y ]

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