(U) Ulysses, “Oxen of the Sun,” Episode 14~pp 377-421.


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Episode References from Stuart Gilbert’s James Joyce’s Ulysses.

  • Title: Oxen of the Sun
  • Scene: The Hospital
  • Time: 10 p.m.
  • Organ: Womb
  • Art: Medicine
  • Colour: White
  • Symbol: Mothers
  • Technic: Embryonic development

New material (2022) is italicized.

A Few Pregnant Quotes among Many

“Dashiell Holles Eamus”

Dashiell (Irish): “turning to the right, turning toward the sun”;Down
Holles Street;Eamus (Latin) “Let us go” (Gifford with SEIDMAN N383:1).

“Agendath is a waste land, a home of screechowls and the sandblind upupa. Netaim, the golden, is no more.”

The result of the abuse of fertility 

“Jay, look at the drunken minister coming out of the maternity hospital!”

“(Joyce’s bohemian garb… (including) the round wide-brimmed soft felt hat, which in that Dublin of the past was much in favor with Protestant ministers” (S. Joyce 249).

“old Nobodaddy was in his cups”

“Nobodaddy” is Blake’s name for the God of the Old Testament (Campbell 126) and Bloom is Nobody/Odysseus and the pater familia.  

“Got bet be a boomblebee whenever he wus settin sleepin in hes bit garten.”

Bloom’s punishment for sins against fertility but also his fertilization.

“Ruth red him, love led on with will to wander.”

Bloom’s solicitude for Stephen (Gilbert 300). The parody of Everyman.

“With will will we withstand, withstay.”

While the medicals mock motherhood, including that of the Virgin Mother, Blooms silently resists.

“Come on, new triple extract of infamy exclamation Alexander J Christ Dowie that yanked to glory most half this planet from Frisco Beach to Vladivostok. The Deity ain’t no nickel dime bumshow. I put it to you that he’s on the square and a corking fine business proposition.”

Dowie’s poster is mocked and announces the new Elijah.



What’s Important?

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