(N) The West Cork Railway and Other Stories by Paul Kestell

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The West Cork Railway and Other Stories…is a series of five novelettes set in West Cork.

The title story looks at the closing of the West Cork Railway through the eyes of a modern schoolboy doing a school project.


They All Run After The Farmers Wife: Examines the cruelty within emotional and sexual relationships in the backdrop of what appears to be normality.

The Sad Lady Of Lislee: In this story, we enter the world of a mute Autistic girl and her writer mother. The frustration of special needs and the frustration of a mother who enters into a parallel fantasy world as she tries to deal with her everyday struggle.

Under A Broken Tree:A young anti-treaty soldier in the civil war takes shelter with a mother and daughter in the wilds of Mayo. He sets off to the Nephin mountain range to seek revenge on the Free State captain that killed his brother.

On This Almighty Road: Two out-of-luck friends get the opportunity of a lifetime as caretakers in the holiday house of a super-rich businessman. All is going well till they employ a young woman, who comes out of the mist, and causes havoc. [This story predicts the arrival of neoliberalism in Ireland.]

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