(U) Ulysses, “Calypso2,” Episode 4~pp 54-69.

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Episode References from Stuart Gilbert’s James Joyce’s Ulysses.

  • Title: Calypso
  • Scene: The House (7 Eccles Street)
  • Hour: 8 a.m.
  • Organ: Kidney
  • Art: Economics
  • Colour: Orange
  • Symbol: Nymph
  • Technic: Narrative (mature)

A Few Comfortable Quotes among Many

Mr . Leopold Bloom ate with relish the inner organs of beasts and fowls.
[Our introduction to Bloom. For an increased understanding
of why this sentence begins the section of the novel 
dedicated to Bloom see page three of this file, Important
Symbols & Phrases.]
—Metempsychosis? —Yes. Who’s he when he’s at home? —Metempsychosis, he said, frowning. It’s Greek: from the Greek. That means the transmigration of souls. —O, rocks! she said. Tell us in plain words.
[Molly on geology, residency, and vocabulary]
Meanwhile he lives. and grieves upon the island in thralldom to the nymph; he cannot stir,
[The hero, unable to break the spell of the nymph, finds 
desolation in the midst of comfort.Homer's The Odyssey, trans. Robert Fitzgerald]

What’s Important?

The attached WordCloud created courtesy of WordCloud.com shows the incidence of important words appearing in the post about this episode usually three or more times. Frequency may signify importance.  

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