(N) Bloomsday’23, Are You Out There?

I’ve been led into conversations about Bloomsday ’23 already. I’ve also seen a flyer about a celebration in Ireland and recently a few readers accessed archived posts about the Great Day from years past. Clearly, it’s time for me to whittle and whistle a plan for 2023’s Bloomsian Bookish Brawl and Bruhaha. Montreal’s Festival Bloomsday is a likely candidate, Perhaps there are others– wilder, musical, traditional, historical, revolutionary, scientific, or theatrical celebrations that should be considered too. Perhaps some friends are professing their Joycean Juju at a yet-to-be-announced soiree. Those I could be enJoyced to attend.

To help me decide and to spread the word about your own event, send me a direct message on Facebook, Twitter, or on JamesJoyceReadingCircle.com; I’ll post your plan (credited or anonymously as you prefer). You can also post a Comment directly to the web address above if you are in a DIY mood. Please limit your text to about 100 words and do include artwork, a poster, or a photo.

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