(GJ) Canto X (p 4, ll 6-12).

From Joyce’s Giacomo Joyce: …the short skirt taut from the round knobs of the knees. A white flash: a flake, a snowflake: And when she next doth ride abroad/ May I be there to see! An Original Haiku: In Turko, Joyce “sees”/ the Invisibility/ needed to stalk her./  About Giacomo Joyce X: By the firstContinue reading “(GJ) Canto X (p 4, ll 6-12).”

(GJ) Cantos VIII-IX (p.3, ll. 8-31).

From Joyce’s Giacomo Joyce: Mine eyes fail in darkness, mine eyes fail,/Mine eyes fail in darkness, love./ An Original Haiku: His mantra is forg’d/ “silence, cunning, and exile”/ of Padovan greats./ About Giacomo Joyce VIII-IX: During the 20th Century, Trieste’s flag shimmered iridescent from Austro-Hungarian to Italian, became an independent city-state’s banner, emerged Italian again.Continue reading “(GJ) Cantos VIII-IX (p.3, ll. 8-31).”

(GJ) Canto VII (p.3, ll. 1-2).

From Joyce’s Giacomo Joyce: Frail gift, frail giver, frail blue-veined child. An Original Haiku: Innocent flowerDelights the infant LuciaAnd titillates James About Giacomo Joyce VII: Three in imaginary love connect through a flower Lucia gives to Amalia. Amalia accepts the advances of her teacher only at arm’s length and from a generation’s distance. Perhaps theContinue reading “(GJ) Canto VII (p.3, ll. 1-2).”

(GJ) Canto VI (p. 2, ll. 12-18).

From Joyce’s Giacomo Joyce: Shadows streak her falsely smiling face, smitten by the hot creamy light, grey wheyhued shadows under the jawbones, streaks of eggyolk yellow…. An Original Haiku: Past ochre rice fields Sly smile beneath her slouch’d hat Risotto stirs HIM. About Giacomo Joyce VI: A delicate risotto can take hours of logistical plotting,Continue reading “(GJ) Canto VI (p. 2, ll. 12-18).”

(D) about “Clay,” October 31, Samhain When the Dead Roam the Earth

Dublin by Lamplight competed against the Catholic-run Magdelena laundries for business and a workforce. This laundry advantaged its prosperous neighbors and leveraged the friendship and business associations of the Protestant board members. Lamplight was perhaps also more attractive to “working girls” because it intended to convert fallen women by employing the Protestant carrot more oftenContinue reading “(D) about “Clay,” October 31, Samhain When the Dead Roam the Earth”

(GJ) Canto V (p.2, ll.6-8).

From Joyce’s Giacomo Joyce: … rounded by the lathe of intermarriage and ripened in the forcing-house of the seclusion of her race. An Original Haiku: The “seclusion of her race”/ Blue-veined eyelids mark/ Yahweh’s treasured one./ About Giacomo Joyce V: In a footnote, Ellmann attaches isolation to the Irish water-girl of Portrait. The study of genetics duringContinue reading “(GJ) Canto V (p.2, ll.6-8).”

(GJ) Cantos III-IV (pp. 1- 2, ll. 31-35, 1-2).

“There is one below would speak with your ladyship.” Joyce calls on his pupil, who is surrounded by stout defenses protecting her purity. A fortress cold and crenelated protects Amalia Popper. The echoing “clack” of high heels suggests her role as dominatrix, although the heels are worn not by SHE but by her factota. SHEContinue reading “(GJ) Cantos III-IV (pp. 1- 2, ll. 31-35, 1-2).”

A Year of Dubliners (D)

What follows is an experiment. I have long suspected that there is a calendar nesting among the fifteen stories of Dubliners. Beginning with “Clay” on October 31, I post an essay about each story in the collection. The stories follow the Celtic Year. about “Clay,” October 31 about “A Painful Case,” November about “A LittleContinue reading “A Year of Dubliners (D)”

(GJ) Canto II (p.1, ll.21-27).

From Joyce’s Giacomo Joyce:  “The long eyelids beat and lift a burning needleprick stings and quivers in the velvet iris.” An Original Haiku: Would-be seducer’s/ Equivocation of Faith/  Saints made into rogues./ About Giacomo Joyce Canto II: Called Giacomo like Casanova, Joyce has won a small acknowledgment from his prey. Amalia sparks. SHE believes thatContinue reading “(GJ) Canto II (p.1, ll.21-27).”

(GJ) Canto I (p.1, ll. 1-10).

From Joyce’s Giacomo Joyce:  “Yes: a brief syllable. A brief laugh. A brief beat of the eyelids.” An Original Haiku: Who is the Dark She,/  A Birdgirl or the Huntress?/ Jim prey or stalker?/ About Giacomo Joyce Canto I: Joyce’s prose poem is a song of forbidden love that predicts Nobokov’s Lolita.  We find Molly’sContinue reading “(GJ) Canto I (p.1, ll. 1-10).”