(N) Bloomsday’23, Are You Out There?

I’ve been led into conversations about Bloomsday ’23 already. I’ve also seen a flyer about a celebration in Ireland and recently a few readers accessed archived posts about the Great Day from years past. Clearly, it’s time for me to whittle and whistle a plan for 2023’s Bloomsian Bookish Brawl and Bruhaha. Montreal’s Festival BloomsdayContinue reading “(N) Bloomsday’23, Are You Out There?”

(BL) “Voice, Knowledge, and Truth” or “Saying Nothing”

The 27th Annual Bloomsday Omniscientific Joyce event alternately titled “Voice, Knowledge, and Truth” or “Saying Nothing” was conducted on BloomsWeek Tuesday during Session 5. The session explored the unsaid in Joyce, open secrets, and anonymity all attributing to “the unspeakable and the unspoken.” Presenters included participating Chairperson Vincent Cheng delivering  “Saying Nothing in Joyce,” Margot NorrisContinue reading “(BL) “Voice, Knowledge, and Truth” or “Saying Nothing””