“Oxen of the Sun Roundtable” (on Translations)

The first difficulty of translation for the viewer of this presentation was to wring an understanding from either of the labels “Oxen of the Sun Roundtable” or The Science(s) of Birthing: Language/Gestation in ‘Oxen of the Sun’ (roundtable). The attempt to entertain neither amuses nor informs. This confusion occurred throughout Omniscientific Joyce. It would benefitContinue reading ““Oxen of the Sun Roundtable” (on Translations)”

“Voice, Knowledge, and Truth” or “Saying Nothing”

The 27th Annual Bloomsday Omniscientific Joyce event alternately titled “Voice, Knowledge, and Truth” or “Saying Nothing” was conducted on BloomsWeek Tuesday during Session 5. The session explored the unsaid in Joyce, open secrets, and anonymity all attributing to “the unspeakable and the unspoken.” Presenters included participating Chairperson Vincent Cheng delivering  “Saying Nothing in Joyce,” Margot NorrisContinue reading ““Voice, Knowledge, and Truth” or “Saying Nothing””

Festival Bloomsday Montréal, Academic Panel Number 1

On the morning of June 14th in anticipation of the Celebration of Festival Bloomsday Montréal, Academic Panel Number 1 dissembled in the style of Wandering Rocks. The speakers, neither crossed paths nor colocated and never had the opportunity to share exchanges. Some of that can be blamed on the specter of Covid.  This year’s managementContinue reading “Festival Bloomsday Montréal, Academic Panel Number 1”

Bloomsday Celebrations ’21 around the Globe

BLOOMSDAY 2021 EM FLORIANÓPOLIS Convite Neste ano, o Bloomsday de Florianópolis acontecerá nas páginas de um jornal, “O Dia de Hoje” que circulará online em 16 de junho, porém, o ano será o de 1904, data em que transcorre o enredo de “Ulisses” romance de Joyce cujo protagonista, Leopoldo Bloom, leva e traz mensagens, por meio de núnciosContinue reading “Bloomsday Celebrations ’21 around the Globe”