Luigi Saverio Tozzi’s : Three Windows, The Living and the Dead

[The Ulysses Centenary has passed. It is now the work of new readers to sustain and enrich the Joyce Industry looking toward the Ulysses Bicentenary. Luigi Saverio Tozzi is such a reader. His Bloomsday memory is, in fact, only of a Bloomsday in a non-linear sense. This essay is about Luigi’s felonious introduction to JamesContinue reading “Luigi Saverio Tozzi’s : Three Windows, The Living and the Dead”

(D) about “Eveline,” October 8

Hugh Kenner invites us to consider that Frank of “Eveline” speaks for Frank’s creator, James Joyce. Sondra Melzer expands that comparison claiming Eveline speaks for Nora Barnacle. Joyce carried Nora off to parts unknown on October 8, 1904, but resisted any urge to marry her until 1931. Were his motives noble, or did he findContinue reading “(D) about “Eveline,” October 8″

A Year of Dubliners (D)

What follows will be an experiment. I have long suspected that there is a calendar nesting among the fifteen stories of Dubliners. Beginning with “Clay” on November 5, I will post an essay about each story in the collection. The stories will follow the Celtic Year. Success in laying out a defensible schema is notContinue reading “A Year of Dubliners (D)”