Finnegans Wake in Words and Music at Waywords and Meansigns

Waywords and Meansigns Opendoor Edition. Finnegans Wake set to music. The UlyssesCentenary has arrived. This delivers on two portents: That Centenary fun is almost done; and, it’s time to prepare the FinnWakeCentenary. I presume the FinnWakeCent will be an improvement since it will recycle until the FinnWakeBiCent. The best way I have found to beginContinue reading “Finnegans Wake in Words and Music at Waywords and Meansigns”

Joyce’s Modernism : Gravity, Magnetism, and Desire

One’s perception,…must be motivated by being drawn toward its objects by desire, and desire is always based on an imagined response. Sheldon Brivic on Lucan’s Philosophy in “Images of the Lacanian Gaze in Ulysses” Introduction Mr. Bloom “adduce(d) to prove that his tendency was towards applied, rather than towards pure, science(.)” The focus on applied scienceContinue reading “Joyce’s Modernism : Gravity, Magnetism, and Desire”

Does Wilder’s “Skin of Our Teeth ” Plagiarize Finnegans Wake?

Last Sunday, I attended Thornton Wilder’s The Skin of Our Teeth at PlayMakers Repertory Company at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Adam Versényi, the company’s dramaturg and Dr. Sarah Stroud, Director of the Parr Center for Ethics facilitated a discussion that followed. Questions solicited, I asked Ethicist Stroud if she cared to comment on accusations of plagiarismContinue reading “Does Wilder’s “Skin of Our Teeth ” Plagiarize Finnegans Wake?”