U22 Podcast, Lotus Eaters: Welcome, Global Reader!

If you are an international reader of Ulysses, that is, anyone not born in Dublin, there is something in the U22 podcast on Lotus Eaters, especially for your musings. http://U22pod.com I tweak the noses of my friends in Ireland by telling them there are only a few genuinely Irish surviving, and these are all in theContinue reading “U22 Podcast, Lotus Eaters: Welcome, Global Reader!”

(U) Episode 5: “The Lotus Eaters,” ~pp 70-85.

Episode References from Stuart Gilbert’s James Joyce’s Ulysses. Title: The Lotus Eaters Scene: The Bath Hour: 10 a.m. Organ: Genitals Art: Botany, Chemistry Colour: (None) Symbol: Eucharist Technic: Narcissism Favorite Quotes among Many “Curse your noisy pugnose.” Bloom mentally abuses the “honking” tram driver blocking his view   Here is the flower of life, it seemsContinue reading “(U) Episode 5: “The Lotus Eaters,” ~pp 70-85.”