James Joyce Reading Circle Usage by Nation during September

James Joyce Reading Circle Usage by Nation during September Activity on the website was less than usual during the month. Few new posts were created. Usage related to Flannery O’Connor is heavily weighted toward US usage. Haiku were added to half the Giacomo Joyce cantos in September. This will be completed in October. This isContinue reading “James Joyce Reading Circle Usage by Nation during September”

(GJ) Canto XLII (p.15, ll. 1-6).

From Joyce’s Giacomo Joyce:  E col suo vedere attosca l’uomo quando lo vede. (And with her sight, she attacks the man when she sees him.) An Original Haiku: Evil-eyed Basilisk/ Threatens death with poisoned glance/ “Lover” turned menace/   The eyes have it in this canto as Giacomo ferments into Ulysses. There are alms for a blind beggarContinue reading “(GJ) Canto XLII (p.15, ll. 1-6).”

(GJ) Canto XLI (p.14, ll. 10-18).

From Joyce’s Giacomo Joyce:  Take her now who will!  An Original Haiku: A voice eternal/ Art becomes the creator/ Modernism’s calf/    About Giacomo Joyce Canto XLI Abraham heard the voice of Yahweh at the dawn of religion. Until that moment, there was no precedent for theology or ritual. The deity without predecessor whispers hisContinue reading “(GJ) Canto XLI (p.14, ll. 10-18).”

(GJ) Canto XVIII (p.7, ll. 1-13).

I hold the websoft edges of her gown and drawing them out to hook them I see through the opening of the black veil her lithe body sheathed in an orange shift.  Separated by a century and a tenth of the globe are two poets, obsessed with undergarments, with phantoms, with undressing their loves. OnetimeContinue reading “(GJ) Canto XVIII (p.7, ll. 1-13).”

(GJ) Canto X (p 4, ll 6-12).

…the short skirt taut from the round knobs of the knees. A white flash: a flake, a snowflake: And when she next doth ride abroad/ May I be there to see! https://postarchive.files.wordpress.com/2015/03/joyce-james-giacomo-joyce-faber-faber-1968.pdf By the first decade of the Twentieth Century, Western Europe’s loathing for the Turk, the pirate-invader, diminished. The Ottomans endured an initiation intoContinue reading “(GJ) Canto X (p 4, ll 6-12).”