(D) about “Ivy Day in the Committee Room”- October 6, the Anniversary of Parnell’s Death

Edwardian Dublin was an occupied city under imposed and foreign institutions. Eight hundred years previously, Stirruped Strongbow took the Dark City. Beyond the Pale, Norman strongholds pockmarked the fortifiable positions. Eventually, most Normans succumbed to Ireland’s charm, but one result was the dilution of old Irish ways. The new masters denuded forests. Farms turned toContinue reading “(D) about “Ivy Day in the Committee Room”- October 6, the Anniversary of Parnell’s Death”

James Joyce across the Globe

During Apr 2022, visitors from forty-three nations visited the James Joyce Reading Circle. Below please find the complete list of readers by number and percent of all readers (based on a monthly volume of 1163). Albania 0 0.0% Argentina 23 2.0% Australia 35 3.0% Austria 4 0.3% Bangladesh 1 0.1% Belgium 3 0.3% Brazil 37Continue reading “James Joyce across the Globe”

Joyce Seeing Eye to Eye with Picasso?: A Review of “James Joyce and the Cubist Esthetic.” by JO-ANNA ISAAK 

  Source: Mosaic: An Interdisciplinary Critical Journal, WINTER 1981, Vol. 14, No. 1 (WINTER 1981), pp. 61-90  Published by: University of Manitoba  Stable URL: https://www.jstor.org/stable/24780356  Introduction I am neither a physicist nor an art historian. I do have a layman’s interest in these disciplines but claim no expertise. I know a bit more about the writingsContinue reading “Joyce Seeing Eye to Eye with Picasso?: A Review of “James Joyce and the Cubist Esthetic.” by JO-ANNA ISAAK “

(GJ) Cantos XLVIII-XLIX (p.16. ll. 24-27, 31).

From Joyce’s Giacomo Joyce: Her arms: a casque, gules, and blunt spear on a field, sable.  An Original Haiku: Unholy threesome/ The Bard, Dark Lady, and Joyce/ Identities shared./ About Giacomo Joyce Canto XLVIII-XLIX The tale is told, although neither that subject nor verb is accurate of what we witnessed. There has been no narrative;Continue reading “(GJ) Cantos XLVIII-XLIX (p.16. ll. 24-27, 31).”

(GJ) Cantos XLVI-XLVII (p.16, ll.12-16, 20).

From Joyce’s Giacomo Joyce: …foliage of stars-s-and waning heaven-c-stillness-e-…./ Non hunc sed Barabbam!    An Original Haiku: “Give us Barabbas!”/ After pursuing his charge,/ Teacher the victim?/ about Giacomo Joyce Cantos XLVI-XLVII:  On first reading, these cantos seem among the simplest of Giacomo Joyce. The simplicity is as deceptive as a Judas kiss. As ever, timeContinue reading “(GJ) Cantos XLVI-XLVII (p.16, ll.12-16, 20).”

(GJ) Canto XLV (p.16, ll. 1-8).

From Joyce’s Giacomo Joyce: Youth has an end: the end is here. It will never be. You know that wen. What then? Write it, damn you, write it! What else are you good for?    An Original Haiku: Imperfect, perfect/  Nora carts drunken Jim home/ Insult after harm/   About Giacomo Joyce Canto XLV: VickiContinue reading “(GJ) Canto XLV (p.16, ll. 1-8).”

(GJ)Canto XLIV (p.15, ll. 8-32).

From Joyce’s Giacomo Joyce: A starry snake has kissed me: a cold nightsnake. I am lost! -Nora!-  An Original Haiku: Mandelbrot’s Fractals:/ “One girl is all girls,” Says Senn/ Any SHE will do/ About Giacomo Joyce Canto XLIV:  The joke asks: What does the B. stand for in Benoit B. Mandelbrot? The punchline: Benoit B.Continue reading “(GJ)Canto XLIV (p.15, ll. 8-32).”

(GJ) Canto XLIII (p. 15, ll. 8-14).

From Joyce’s Giacomo Joyce: They spread under my feet carpets for the son of man…. darting at me for an instant out of her sluggish sidelong eyes a jet of liquorish venom.  An Original Haiku: Blushing innocent/ Turns insidious viper/ Sacrificial Jim?/ About Giacomo Joyce Canto XLIII: … to revise history for the sake ofContinue reading “(GJ) Canto XLIII (p. 15, ll. 8-14).”

(GJ) Canto XLII (p.15, ll. 1-6).

From Joyce’s Giacomo Joyce:  E col suo vedere attosca l’uomo quando lo vede. (And with her sight, she attacks the man when she sees him.) An Original Haiku: Evil-eyed Basilisk/ Threatens death with poisoned glance/ “Lover” turned menace/   The eyes have it in this canto as Giacomo ferments into Ulysses. There are alms for a blind beggarContinue reading “(GJ) Canto XLII (p.15, ll. 1-6).”

(GJ) Canto XLI (p.14, ll. 10-18).

From Joyce’s Giacomo Joyce:  Take her now who will!  An Original Haiku: A voice eternal/ Art becomes the creator/ Modernism’s calf/    About Giacomo Joyce Canto XLI Abraham heard the voice of Yahweh at the dawn of religion. Until that moment, there was no precedent for theology or ritual. The deity without predecessor whispers hisContinue reading “(GJ) Canto XLI (p.14, ll. 10-18).”