(GJ) Canto XIV (p.5, l. 35).

From Joyce’s Giacomo Joyce: Long lewdly leering lips: dark-blooded molluscs  An Original Haiku: Her mollusk-like lips/ Like Venus’ conch from the foam/ “Lovely” scungilli?/  About Giacomo Joyce XIV: It is foolish to argue with James Joyce’s selection of a word. He sweated over prefixes, spellings, shades of interpretation, but his decision to describe his loveContinue reading “(GJ) Canto XIV (p.5, l. 35).”

(GJ) Canto XIII (p.5, l. 18).

From Joyce’s Giacomo Joyce: This heart is sore and sad. Crossed in love?  An Original Haiku: Too loved as a child/ He remained one when married/ Love-less-loving/ About Giacomo Joyce XIII: Joyce wrote with his best bent script, “the word known to all men.” Hasn’t every teen heart been “sore and sad,” believing itself “crossedContinue reading “(GJ) Canto XIII (p.5, l. 18).”

(GJ) Canto XII (p.5, ll. 1-10).

From Joyce’s Giacomo Joyce: Unde derivatur? Mia figlia ha una grandissima ammira- zione per if suo maestro inglese.  An Original Haiku: Stroll with Papa Popper/ Gather details of the prey/ Beware, Young Scholar./ About Giacomo Joyce XI: Leopoldo Popper innocently asks in which direction Joyce walks. Senor Popper is a trusting man. He shares thatContinue reading “(GJ) Canto XII (p.5, ll. 1-10).”

(GJ) Canto XI (p. 4, ll 16-20).

From Joyce’s Giacomo Joyce: Nay, nay, be not afraid! An Original Haiku: Though indicted/ Misogonistic James Joyce/ Births mighty Molly./ About Giacomo Joyce XI: Joyce’s polyamorous fantasies sprung from reading about the incestuous pharaohs, the Ottomans who bridged the West and the East, and the earliest Biblical Hebrews. The Orient influenced Ulysses’ underlying themes too, but inContinue reading “(GJ) Canto XI (p. 4, ll 16-20).”

(GJ) Canto VI (p. 2, ll. 12-18).

From Joyce’s Giacomo Joyce: Shadows streak her falsely smiling face, smitten by the hot creamy light, grey wheyhued shadows under the jawbones, streaks of eggyolk yellow…. An Original Haiku: Past ochre rice fields Sly smile beneath her slouch’d hat Risotto stirs HIM. About Giacomo Joyce VI: A delicate risotto can take hours of logistical plotting,Continue reading “(GJ) Canto VI (p. 2, ll. 12-18).”

(GJ) Canto V (p.2, ll.6-8).

From Joyce’s Giacomo Joyce: … rounded by the lathe of intermarriage and ripened in the forcing-house of the seclusion of her race. An Original Haiku: The “seclusion of her race”/ Blue-veined eyelids mark/ Yahweh’s treasured one./ About Giacomo Joyce V: In a footnote, Ellmann attaches isolation to the Irish water-girl of Portrait. The study of genetics duringContinue reading “(GJ) Canto V (p.2, ll.6-8).”

A Year of Dubliners (D)

What follows will be an experiment. I have long suspected that there is a calendar nesting among the fifteen stories of Dubliners. Beginning with “Clay” on November 5, I will post an essay about each story in the collection. The stories will follow the Celtic Year. Success in laying out a defensible schema is notContinue reading “A Year of Dubliners (D)”

(U) Episode 5: “The Lotus Eaters,” ~pp 70-85.

Episode References from Stuart Gilbert’s James Joyce’s Ulysses. Title: The Lotus Eaters Scene: The Bath Hour: 10 a.m. Organ: Genitals Art: Botany, Chemistry Colour: (None) Symbol: Eucharist Technic: Narcissism Favorite Quotes among Many “Curse your noisy pugnose.” Bloom mentally abuses the “honking” tram driver blocking his view   Here is the flower of life, it seemsContinue reading “(U) Episode 5: “The Lotus Eaters,” ~pp 70-85.”

(U) Episode 6: “Hades,” ~pp 86-114.

    Episode References from Stuart Gilbert’s James Joyce’s Ulysses Title: Hades Scene: The Graveyard Hour: 11 a.m. Organ: Heart Art: Religion Colour: White, Black Symbol: Caretaker Technic: Incubism Favorite Quotes among Many “Get up! Last day! Then every fellow mousing around for his liver and his lights and the rest of his traps. Find damnContinue reading “(U) Episode 6: “Hades,” ~pp 86-114.”

(U) Episode 7: “Aeolus,” ~pp 115-148.

Episode References from Stuart Gilbert’s James Joyce’s Ulysses Title: Aeolus Scene: The Newspaper Time: 12 noon Organ: Lungs Art: Rhetoric Colour: Red Symbol: Editor Technic: Enthymemic Some Favorite Quotes among Many ” Anne Kearns has the lumbago for which she rubs on Lourdes water given her by a lady who got a bottleful from a passionistContinue reading “(U) Episode 7: “Aeolus,” ~pp 115-148.”