(D) about “The Sisters” July 1, The Feast of Christ’s Holy Blood

Florence Welzel diagnosed Father Flynn’s symptoms as Parkinson’s disease and not the result of stroke (J&McG 4). Years later, she returned with medical reinforcement in the person of Dr. Weisbren to claim the priest was suffering from syphilis, but something was still missing from the analysis. A gnomon left the explanation incomplete. Restoring the gnomonContinue reading “(D) about “The Sisters” July 1, The Feast of Christ’s Holy Blood”

(BL) “Voice, Knowledge, and Truth” or “Saying Nothing”

The 27th Annual Bloomsday Omniscientific Joyce event alternately titled “Voice, Knowledge, and Truth” or “Saying Nothing” was conducted on BloomsWeek Tuesday during Session 5. The session explored the unsaid in Joyce, open secrets, and anonymity all attributing to “the unspeakable and the unspoken.” Presenters included participating Chairperson Vincent Cheng delivering  “Saying Nothing in Joyce,” Margot NorrisContinue reading “(BL) “Voice, Knowledge, and Truth” or “Saying Nothing””

(D) A Year of Dubliners

What follows is an experiment. I have long suspected that there is a calendar nesting among the fifteen stories of Dubliners. Beginning with “Clay” on October 31, I’ll post an essay about each story in the collection. The stories follow the Celtic Year. ~Don 2020 The dropdown menu has reverted to the Gregorian Calendar aboutContinue reading “(D) A Year of Dubliners”