(D) about “Two Gallants,” August, Month of the Donnybrook Fair

Under the lens of Florence Walsl, “Two Gallants” focused on three levels of “betrayal social, political, and religious.” In this essay, you will find a synthesis of what other notables have said organized under Walsl’s analysis. The betrayals act out in personal relationships, institutional contracts, and spiritual compacts. Joyce draws crosshatched shadows of betrayal onContinue reading “(D) about “Two Gallants,” August, Month of the Donnybrook Fair”

A Year of Dubliners (D)

What follows will be an experiment. I have long suspected that there is a calendar nesting among the fifteen stories of Dubliners. Beginning with “Clay” on November 5, I will post an essay about each story in the collection. The stories will follow the Celtic Year. Success in laying out a defensible schema is notContinue reading “A Year of Dubliners (D)”