(M) Joyce’s Modernism and Text World Theory

She-he, I-my dolores.  A siren lures Bloom, and he succumbs. Depression sucks him into a song that reminds him of Molly’s infidelity, his solitude, and Blazes Boylan’s betrayal. Ignorance shields readers from Poldy’s ponderings. They are protected from second-hand seduction because Pondering-Poldy doesn’t decode or explain his stream of consciousness for the readers’ benefit. BloomContinue reading “(M) Joyce’s Modernism and Text World Theory”

(Da) Virag’s Suicide: Tears Bloom

6 Not apple-trees were there, but thorns with poison. 7 Such tangled thickets have not, nor so dense,  8 Those savage wild beasts, that in hatred hold  9 ‘Twixt Cecina and Corneto the tilled places. (Longfellow, canto xiii)   In Dante’s Inferno, the poet gives his greatest attention to suicides who are violent due toContinue reading “(Da) Virag’s Suicide: Tears Bloom”