Tom O’Carroll’s Childhood Bloomsdays and Sandymount Strand

Our friend, musical Tom O’Carroll, was first planted and sprouted on the sacred sands of Sandymount Strand. Says Tom, “I was born in a flat in a Regency period house and across from us in  Sandymount Green lived the painter Jack Yeates in his castellated house. ’Twas a nice place to grow up in.” HisContinue reading “Tom O’Carroll’s Childhood Bloomsdays and Sandymount Strand”

(U) Episode 3: “Proteus,” ~pp 37-51.

Episode References from Stuart Gilbert’s James Joyce’s Ulysses. Title: Proteus Scene: Sandymount Strand Hour: 11 a.m. Organ: (none) Art: Philology Colour: Green Symbol: Tide Technic: Monologue (male) Some Favorite Quotes among Many ” Me sits there his augur’s rod of ash in borrowed sandals, by day beside a livid sea, unbeheld, in violet night walking beneathContinue reading “(U) Episode 3: “Proteus,” ~pp 37-51.”