Giacomo Joy: An Examination of James Joyce’s Obsession

Discussing Giacomo Joyce Beginning at the end, your last task will be to decide for yourself what type of artistic creation is Giacomo Joyce. It might be a prose poem. It might be a diary. It is confessional, spiced excitation penanced with pain. Ellmann’s introduction, perhaps three times the word count of the piece itself, says it isContinue reading “Giacomo Joy: An Examination of James Joyce’s Obsession”

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Blooms & Barnacles is a blog, podcast and illustration project celebrating the love of James Joyce’s Ulysses. Hosted by Kelly Bryan (blogger) and Dermot O Connor (illustrator), Blooms & Barnacles takes a non-academic approach, mixing banter and pop culture with historical, cultural and literary analysis related to Ulysses and most anything Joyce-adjacent, including chats withContinue reading “Related Websites We Like”

Episode 2: “Nestor” ~pp 25-37

Episode References from Stuart Gilbert’s James Joyce’s Ulysses. Episode 1 Title: Nestor Scene: The School Hour: 10 a.m. Organ: (none) Art: History Colour: Brown Symbol: Horse Technic: Catechism (personal) “My childhood bends beside me. Too far for me to lay a hand there once or lightly. Mine is far and his secret as our eyes. Secrets,Continue reading “Episode 2: “Nestor” ~pp 25-37”

Episode 18: Penelope, ~pp 723-783

Episode References from Stuart Gilbert’s James Joyce’s Ulysses Title: Penelope Scene: The Bed Time: (none) Organ: Flesh Art: (none) Colour: (none) Symbol: Earth Technic: Monologue (female) One favorite among many quotes “…she had too much old chat in her about politics and earthquakes and the end of the world let us have a bit of funContinue reading “Episode 18: Penelope, ~pp 723-783”

Episode 5, The Lotus Eaters, ~pp 70-85

Episode References from Stuart Gilbert’s James Joyce’s Ulysses. Title: The Lotus Eaters Scene: The Bath Hour: 10 a.m. Organ: Genitals Art: Botany, Chemistry Colour: (None) Symbol: Eucharist Technic: Narcissism “Curse your noisy pugnose.” Bloom mentally abuses the “honking” tram driver blocking his view What’s Important? The attached WordCloud created courtesy of shows the incidence ofContinue reading “Episode 5, The Lotus Eaters, ~pp 70-85”